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We have been asked "why four-ale" it isn't because we are serving four different ales, we hope to serve a lot more than that!

Coming up with an original name for a new pub or bar isn't easy, some have a name that relates to what the previous shop used to be, some link to an area, we wanted to capture a time in history and although our beer costs more than four old pence, we do think the name fits. 

By the 20th century, the saloon or lounge bar, had become a middle-class room, carpets on the floor, cushions on the seats, and a penny or two on the prices. While the public bar, or taproom, remained working class with bare board floors, hard bench seats and stools. This bar was known as the four-ale taproom from the days when the cheapest beer served cost 4 old pence (4d) a quart. Most four-ale taprooms didn't have a bar top and the ale was served direct from the cask or in large jugs brought to the tables.

The Taproom

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